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The foundations are being set for the Biblical end times tribulation period of a one world government and one world economy.  Where control of everything and everyone is done by a centralized hierarchy of elites.  They will determine what you can or cannot do based on how loyal to those in control.  It includes a cashless Digital Currency where is government can control credit card and bank accounts and cut you off if you do not adhere to their leadership.  Digital IDs will be mandatory for everyone on earth, and they will be able to track you with this ID and through facial recognition.  Parts of this initiative are already being put into place.  The current plan for this threat is called the Great Reset.  This is a satanic conspiracy, it is anti-God, and Biblical Christians will need to take a stand for what the Bible teaches.  While God is in control it does not mean Christians will not suffer the impact from this evil.  God’s prophetic time clock is ticking.

What is the Great Reset?

The Great Reset is a global initiative mainly led by Claus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum, and other world elites like Bill Gates and George Soros.  Its goal is a radical transformation of the world economic and political systems.  Organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations are leading this and through processes like Digital Currency, Digital IDs, and elimination of national sovereignty they are seeking control.  The current White House leadership is strongly pushing this plan.  The ultimate goal is to form a one world economy and a one world government.


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Compiled by Gary Rheinheimer, Its Out of This World Science

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Biblical Context

According to Revelation 13 there is coming a future leader known as the Beast (Ver. 1) or Antichrist (I Jn 2:18) who will dominate and control the world.  He will be given great authority, “And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority.” (Ver. 2).  The beast will have this “authority” “over every tribe and people and language and nation (Ver. 7) and his authority will be for 42 months (Ver. 5).  The world will worship the beast and the dragon (Satan) (Ver. 4).   There will be a second beast (Also known as the False Prophet) who will perform great signs (Ver. 11-13).  And “by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth” (Ver. 14).

This authority is all inclusive, not only to rule the world but to control the economic direction and lives of every person on earth.   Verses 16 and 17 describe how the Beast will cause everyone to receive a mark on their forehead or right hand “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. “, Verse 15 “let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”


Section 1:

  • The new way businesses will be evaluated.
  • History of the Great Reset
  • The Great Reset plan and 8 predictions for the world from the World Economic Forum (WEF) by 2030.
  • Significance of March 2020 and the Covid lockdown.
  • The climate change factor and the Green New Deal.
  • The impact of Joe Biden’s presidency.
  • Push back to the Great Reset.
  • Impact to the sovereignty of the United States.

Section 2:

  • Claus Schwab and his influence.
  • The 10-year plan and how they are masters of coercive communication.
  • The Central Bank and Digital Currency and Joe Biden’s agenda.
  • Mandatory Digital ID’s.
  • Preserving the God given right to choose.
  • The great danger to life, families, and freedom.

Section 3:

  • Consequences of the Great Reset elite’s ideology.
  • Failed historical examples and why they failed.
  • Why the Great Reset is different: Technology and the impact of the global culture.
  • Impact of Covid, the fear factor, and future crises.
  • Cancel culture, wokeness, and cultural Marxism.
  • Resistance to the Great Reset.

Section 4:

  • China, the Social Credit System, and control of people.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO), treaties, and loss of national sovereignty.
  • Information censoring, monitoring of social media and communication and punishing those who do not agree with the WHO.
  • The United States is one on the main pushers of the WHO treaties and amendments.
  • Great implication for religious freedom and being labeled as a domestic threat actor for those who have strong faith views.

Section 5:

  • The world right now is leaderless and ripe for someone to step forward who has answers to the world’s problems.
  • The is a spiritual battle - Bible prophecy was not given to scare us, but to prepare us.
  • America’s military and political prowess is waning and God maybe using this to get our attention for the real reason – souls.
  • The church needs to wake up, God has a mission, a ministry, a plan for His people.

Video Introduction

A TBN Special – What is the Great Reset?

Claus Schwab “We have to prepare for a more angry world.  And how to prepare – it means to take some necessary actions to create a fairer world.  I just see the need for such a dialog, I see the need for action, I see the need for a Great Reset.”

What would you say if I told you that by 2030 you will own nothing, have no privacy and be happy.  You will live in a caseless society and all currency will be digital.  Everyone on earth will require a digital ID to travel freely.  That maintaining a decent job and using the bank of your choice or running a thriving business will depend on your approach to climate change.

“Computers become better and better in more fields.  It is a distinct possibility that computers will out preform us in most tasks and will make human redundant.  And then the big political and economic question of the 21st century will be what do we need humans for.  Or at least what do we need so many humans for.”  Unknown speaker.

The end aim is a one world government in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion and the environment.  All supposedly in the name of diversity, equity, inclusion and the environment.

“This will be decided by the people that own the data.  Those who control the data control the future of not just humanity but the future of life itself.”  Unknown speaker.

Today some very powerful global players led by the World Economic Forum and the enthusiastic backing of western leaders, major cooperation and the UN are promoting this radical transformation of society.  They call it the Great Reset.

“It’s a systemic transformation of the world.  So, we have to define how the world should look like.  Which we want to come out of this transformation period.” Claus Schwab.

Which would see power yielded by an elite few that would dictate to the rest of us.  So what would this Great Reset mean for Christians and what role does the United States play?  How far along is the plan?  And does the Bible have anything to say about it?

“It’s not a conspiracy theory if those in power are actually saying it out loud what they intend to do.”

“History story, at the turning point.”  Claus Schwab. 

Video Summaries

Section 1: Guest Marc Marano

With the Great Reset business will no longer be evaluated on bottom line financials but on whether you except abortion, transgender ideology, Critical Race Theory, and climate change issues.  That will determine if you get a good interest rate or loans at all.  This is what the Chinese social credit system seems to form the basis of the Great Resetters.

Where did the Great Reset really begin?  Yea, you could say thousands of years.  Essentially since human civilization began.  The ruling elite, the ruling classes, have always tried to invent reasons why the rest of us, the unwashed masses, can’t be free.  So, they have come up with crises and emergency power.   With the idea the earth can only handle a certain number of people.  As such, we all need to be managed like an ant colony.  And this has been an ideology a driving force.  And to bring it up to the present day it came into the United States with Woodrow Wilson about 1914.  Woodrow Wilson was presented with the idea of Expert Control, the administrative state ruling every aspect of our lives.  This then went through Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration.  His kitchen cabinet advisor came up with a primitive version of the Green New Deal.  And from there every single crisis real or imagined we’ve had, has led us just ever so closely to what used to be called the New World Order. 

The breakthrough mark you mentioned, obviously Covid.  That is when the plan for the Great Reset went into overdrive.  Tell us a little bit about the plan. The Great Reset is a very simple concept.  It was first mentioned about 2014 by the WEF.  Now again this isn’t a conspiracy theory if the people in power are saying what they are going to do.  Here are 8 predictions for the world from the WEF by 2030:

  1. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.
  2. Everything you want will be delivered by drones.
  3. Meat will be a rare and expensive treat.
  4. Meat will be an occasional treat not a staple. For the good of the environment and our health.
  5. The United States will no longer be a world’s superpower.
  6. A handful of countries will dominate.
  7. A billion people will be displaced by climate change (The whole focus will be on climate change because climate change will cause all these disasters).
  8. Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide. There will be a global price on carbon. This will make fossil fuels history.

“They have this whole concept of limited ownership, limited mobility, limiting what you can eat and limiting your energy.”

March 2020 (Covid Lockdown) is the most important date for this entire change of our lifetime.  A crushing of democracy with most consequential decision of our lifetime.  It was under emergency decree by unelected bureaucrats. And presidents, prime ministers, mayors, and governors literally issuing these executive orders, no democracy.  And now they want to move this forward in the same way.  And they are doing it all without a vote from anyone.  We are literally becoming China.

The climate factor. The Green New Deal was introduced in congress but never scheduled for a hearing.  It is because Joe Biden has figured it out.  Every cabinet agency is a climate agency.  They are defunding all sorts of energy projects, regulating them out of existence, suffocating them to starve us of energy.  This is all intentional.  To bring on an energy crisis.

What Joe Biden has done, they realize they do not need democracy, and this has led.  Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press and Washington Post, is set to declare a national climate emergency maybe in 2023.  this will give Joe Biden 130 new executive powers to the presidency.   No democracy.  The idea is to create chaos, collapse the current order and rebuild it in their sustainable image. 

There is push back but not from Washington.  But from the lowest level of politics.  Angry parents at school board meetings willing to get arrested, screaming at school board meeting.  The Biden administration declaring them domestic terrorist.  But then they ended up toppling the democratic party machine in Virginia and other places.

We can fight against this agenda, and it comes down to faith, family, and freedom.   You have to stand up to something higher than yourselves.  Obviously, belief in God.  Stand up for something higher than your leaders, higher than your fear.  Because they are using that fear. 

We face one of the gravest threats right now.  In 2023 Joe Biden is pushing the United States to get into the World Health Organization pandemic treaty.  Which is going to give Bill Gates funded scientist, at the World Health Organization, the ability to promote instant global lockdowns, instant stay at home orders, instant mask mandates, Vax mandates.  We would lose national sovereignty.

Section 2: Guests Daniel and Sam Kwak

What the Great Reset is, it is an agenda by the World Economic Forum (WEF), they want to reset the world so that the centralization of resources, power and decision making will be at the top and not with the people

Claus Schwab is the founder of the WEF.  He has veiled relationships with influence with world leaders and he is serious.  He has said we have penetrated the cabinets of different world governments, like France, Canada, New Zealand, parts of Europe all of them have ties and go back to the (WEF).  This guy has mentored some of these world leaders like Justin Trudeau.

They have a plan. If you look at everything that is going to happen, the writing on the wall so to speak points toward that being a 10 year plan as opposed to something they can do right away.  One of the things we have discovered is that these guys are master individuals, masters at psychology, masters at figuring out what they have to say, what narrative to push, what level they must pull to get everybody on board with their ideas.   Probably resonate with the younger generation. 

What the government and central banks are trying to do around the world is harness that technology for them to be able to clear a centralized form where all transactions whether its pay online or go to the store is thoroughly monitored could be recorded.  They want to design this for eliminating sovereignty borders and making the world one government.  But the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), digital currency, the threat of that is that it has digital IDs.  If they don’t like what you did or do not like what you said about them, they can shut your money down or put an expiration date on it or completely shut your account down. 

One of the first thing the Biden administration started working, when he first got in office, on was developing digital currency.  With the Central Bank, a cashless society.  Not only that it is control but the primary reason why they are trying to roll this out so quickly is to create a global economy.  A globalized economy is really the next step before a globalized government.

The Great Reset and the narrative of them taking over, taking away critical thinking, taking away critical decision making.  God gives use freedom so that we can choose Him.  Freedom gives power to choose.  I do not believe government can give you freedom.  I believe government can facilitate, protect, and enhance God given inalienable rights.  So, I think it is important to preserve the freedom, the choice.  And in God we have the Bible, the words of God, to give us that litmus test.

Regardless of what is happening with the World Economic Forum or the Great Reset or anything for that matter, it does not matter who is president.  We believe that the Great Rest is a great danger to our way of life and our families.   At the end of the day that is how we glorify God and His kingdom.  That is the byproduct of our relationship with Jesus.  As Christian we should not only work hard but we should be working harder than the world.  What they are working for is temporary but what we are working for is eternal.

Section 3: Guest Victor Dave Hanson

The elites who are pushing the Great Rest agenda tells us “we will own nothing, we will have no privacy, and yet we will be happy.”  How exactly will that work?  Well, it does not work. And a self-appointed group of people in Europe and the United States mostly and westernized countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia etc. who have done very well with out of Neo liberal capitalism.  Have gotten together and they feel they have a formula that they are going from top down to impress on the rest of us. 

There are certain protocols that they abide by.  One is that they are never subject to the consequences of their ideology.  So, they must be anointed and exempt.  The goal is to supersede the constitutional governments in Europe and the United States with a super government under their control. 

There have been these experiments throughout history, Alexander the Great’s Brotherhood of Man.  But they have all failed because history shows us that the most effective way of organizing people is the nation state under a constitution system that reflects unique characteristics, protocols, traditions within defined borders.  But that is what they are trying to destroy.

Professor, you are a historian and you have tackled totalitarian movements in your work time and time again.  What sets the Great Reset apart?  Why is this particular agenda different?  Is technology the defining factor here?  It seems a whole lot easier these days to really enforce global governance whether through digital currency, digital ID.  Why is this different?  Well, that’s their words they say it’s different and will succeed where other utopian schemes have failed because we are a global village now.  Has created a one world culture and that has made these previously failed political efforts viable now.  At least they feel.  And so, they feel there is one international culture.  All it needs now is a formulized political structure.  That’s what they are after.

It seems like The Great Reset crowd have become more open about this with the onset of Covid, now climate they are painting as a great existential crisis.  Are they using that in many ways as a pretext to increase control?  Well, they say there are.  Claus Schwab said Covid was the great panic that induced cooperation and lock downs, and new formed policies about social distancing and mask wearing could be super imposed in peace time.  And that shows you what the world can do that has a sufficient terror.    So that is what everybody thought, and the premise is that nobody in their right mind would willingly surrender their sovereignty over to this group of people who have no allegiance to any particular nation.    So there has to be either a coercion or people will have to voluntarily give up their sovereignty because they are scared to death about climate or Covid or energy crisis.  So, they are always looking for a crisis to allow them to kind of sneak in political or authoritarianism.

You talk a lot about this wok movement and cancel culture here in United States.  You see those two, cancel culture and wokeness, as pillars in a since of this Great Reset.  I think they are just our generations terms for cultural Marxism.  It just meant the idea of financial and economic Marxism.  That is the evolution of private property, or mandatory sharing, or punitive confiscation of wealthy people’s money that could be transferred to the cultural realms. 

It seems like the Great Reset agenda is pretty far down the road.  What’s the way forward for us here in America?   Well, I think there has been a pushback.  We saw it with the Trump candidacy and 4 years of the presidency.  And I think now there is opposition to it for better or worse is in the Republican party.   It is going to be in opposition to the Great Reset. They’re going to be for border security, not for optional military operations in the middle east, for energy self-sufficiency, for unique American culture that privileges the middle class.  That’s a revolutionary reaction in this country.  So, I think there is a lot of anger toward the elites.  A lot of it comes from their hypocrisy and they are simply not willing to listen and live in the manner they want everyone else to live.

Section 4: Guest Reggie Littlejohn

What China has is something call the Social Credit System.  And what they do is put in one place all this surveillance. They have real time geolocation (they know exactly where you are). They have facial recognition.  They combined your criminal record, your medical record and then all your social media post, all your internet search history.  So, they combine all this together and they come up with a score.  And that score is how reliable of a Chinese sheep of the regime you are.  One thing that will make your score go down is if you are a person of faith.  If your social credit score goes down, first you could lose your job.  You won’t be able to borrow money.  You won’t be able to travel.   And if you keep being a dissident voice, it is connected to your credit card and bank account so they can just shut those off.  And if you a true dissent they can just disappear you.  And if people think that this kind of thing cannot happen in the west.  It has happened in the Canada’s trucker’s strike.  Where not only the truckers but people that had donated to the truckers were severed from their credit cards and bank accounts.  So, this can happen even in the west and even in the United States.

Tell us why you are troubled about some of the activities at the Work Health Organization (WHO)?  In my opinion the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are using the WHO to trap us in a digital gulag.  They are using the Work Health Organization because you can install great fear through peoples fear about health and death.  And fear is what paralyzes people’s minds and gets them to be compliant.  So, the WHO is currently negotiating two instruments.  Now I want to say I think these are treaties because they affect our national sovereignty.  But the Work Health Organization will not call them treaties because they are trying to subvert the US treaty process.  So don’t think this is not going to happen because it will not pass the senate.  If they get their way the senate will never see it.  So, these two instruments, one is to amend to the international house vegeta relation and two is the pandemic agreement which I will call a treaty.  And between the two of those they are setting a trap which will include: mandatory digital IDs, which will be interoperable all over the world.  Which means all the information that is on your ID will be able to be seen by any country including China.  It establishes a surveillance system, and they are using health as the excuse for this or a pretext for it.   

This gives them the ability to survey any aspect of life on earth.  The parties (countries) to the agreement would be agreeing to censor misinformation and disinformation through social listening.  What they will be doing is monitoring our social media accounts.  And maybe phones and emails. To determine if we are saying things that are counter narrative what the Work Health Organization is trying to say.  You know what, the Work Health Organization has so bungled the Covid-19 debacle saying things that were disinformation.  They were the main purveyors of misinformation, disinformation for Covid.  But they will censor and probably do worse things, shut off our credit cards and bank accounts if we counter the message they are trying to get out.

It sounds like what they are describing is a one world government.  And you have written that humanity stands on the brink of enslavement to this kind of system.  Is the US under the current government rushing head long into this Great Reset?   Yes, we are running head long into this system if we do not oppose it immediately.  Because the United States is one of the main ones who are pushing these horrific amendments that would hurt our sovereignty.  We are heading into a trap and once that trap is sprung, once we have these mandatory digital IDs, once we have this Central Bank digital currency It will be almost impossible to defy it.  Because if you try to resist, they will just come down on you with cutting you off of your credit cards and bank accounts and they could even detain you. 

This Great Reset has enormous implications for religious freedom.  Because what they are going to be doing is surveilling us and possibly cutting us off in various ways if they do not like what we say.  For example, there was an FBI memo from a whistle blower recently told the world about where the FBI was saying that Latin MAS Catholic Christians were possible domestic threat actors.  Because they believe in sanctify of life, sanctity of marriage and other things that the World Economic Forum don’t agree with.  So, they could say you are a domestic threat actor, they could characterize those views as hate speech and end up censoring us and even detaining us.  So, this is very, very dangerous for religious freedom.

Section 5: Guest Pastor Jack Hibbs

Talk about this move toward, for instance, Digital ID, Digital Currency.  The move toward globalizing everything.  It seems with technology today, if one leader were to come to the front it would be a whole lot easier to control the world.  First, everybody should take notice of the fact that the world right now at this moment is leaderless.  The disruption that is going on in the Middle East.  Predominantly in Israel right now and the challenge of government authority.  You look to the United States, but we are now as a nation leaderless.  The world is feeling very, very insecure at an hour when totalitarianism and those that lead it are saber rattling.  So, you would think, Biblically speaking, this would be a really good time for somebody to show up who speaks with authority and has an answer to the looming problems that we know.  The Bible tells us in the last days the nations will feel or sense a time of disruption.  In my opinion, I am watching the stage being set now to the point where if Jesus does not come back soon it is not going to be a surprise that we are seeing set up globally, economically, currency, laws and a unification of a one world economy, bank, and government.

this is happening seemingly in the natural geopolitical stage.  However, there is a spiritual battle, right. Oh, absolutely.  We can open the Bible and read chapters for example Ezekiel chapter 38 regarding Israel and what is about to happen to Israel.  We can also read Ezekiel 36 that in the last days He will bring back His people and reestablish them in their land.  We also know that from the book of Zechariah that in the last days Israel will stand alone.  I love what Dr. Ed Hinson from Liberty University said that “God did not give us Bible prophecy to scare us, He gave us Bible prophecy to prepare us”.  So, I encourage all of your viewers to know the Bible, dive into some good conservative eschatology.  And get an excellent world view on what is going on.  What does God require of me now and how should I be living in days like these, and what can I expect next?

We also hope that perhaps revival could be brewing here in the United States.  We talk about fighting back against this Great Reset and standing against it.  It seems like revival is the only hope.  I want to say this as concise as I possibly can, because I could talk all day on this one.  There is a reason why America’s military and political prowess is waning.  What if this nation does not recover economically, what if it does not recover politically and in any way of influence.  But what if God uses that to get our attention for the real reason, our souls.  What if we are waking up to the next and perhaps the last outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in the United States.  To call the church back to worship.  Because the church ran away during Covid.  What if He is saying come back home.  I‘ve got a mission, I’ve got a ministry, I’ve got a plan for you.  And the church becomes so holy, so beautiful, so on fire that the world is awaken to what the church has.


A one world government and uniting mankind under the one all-powerful regime is an idea that is as old as time itself.  The Bible tells us of the story of the tower of Babel.  Of Nimrod and his attempts to subjugate the world under his rule, building a tower that would reach to heaven.  God had other plans.  Yet that still hasn’t stopped a long line of tyrants in history from driving towards the same goal.  Could the Great Reset be setting the groundwork for a future tyranny.  Where technology enables a group of global elites to yield the kind of power to control that tyrants of the past could only dream of.  The Bible says that one final leader will arise to rule the world.  At least for a short time until God directly intervenes just as He did in the time of Nimrod.  Because while earthly kingdoms come and go, God still sits on the throne.  The architects of the Great Reset would be wise to remember that. And as followers of Jesus that fact should give us encouragement and strength to face what ever the future may bring.