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  • Biblical Truth

    In Light of Eternity – How Then Shall We Live

    Modern society puts much pressure on us to be involved in many things and to be busy with demands on our time. But is that focus we should have? The Bible defines a different perspective. Jesus said He will come again and that we will answer to him about how we invested our time. Eternity is coming - are you ready.

    Biblical Christianity

    Through out the world there are many religions. People worship a lot of gods. Even within “Christianity” there are many views on what it is. Ture Christianity is not a religion that you must work your way into God’s favor. The Bible defines Christianity as a relation ship to God the Creator where He offers the relationship as a free gift.

    Great Deceptions - What is Truth

    With current technology we live in a world of increasing information.  It is hard to determine which of that information is correct and true.  Our analysis of information is dependent on how we determine truth.  The “Great Deceptions - What is Truth” article defines truth and looks at 8 critical issues in today’s culture, describing The Lie, The Problem and The Truth of each issue. 

    Guns are not the Problem – It’s the Human Heart

    There is an effort to push limiting the access to firearms as a method of gun control.  Before guns people were still killing each other.  Murders were still taking place.  Wars were still fought.  The issue is not the method of killing but the motive.  

    Perspective on Responding to Life

    Everyone on earth has problems and issues.  How we respond to those problems shows the basis of our belief system and values.  The “Perspective on Responding to Life” article lays a process of increasing authority to deal with the issues of life.

    The Timing of the Crucifixion of Jesus

    The Bible says Jesus told His disciples that He would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights.  The traditional church teaching is the crucifixion occurred on Friday.  If true, 3 days and 3 nights would not make since.  This article is a summary Chuck Andersons Biblical and historical perspective on the timing of the death of Jesus.

  • Biblical End Times

    The Great Reset and the Biblical End Times

    America is on the brink of losing its national sovereignty to a radical transformation of the world economic and political systems.  This revolution is called the Great Reset.  This article lays out the agenda of the Great Reset through the documentation of a hour-long program presented by The Watchman pod cast from Erick Stakelbeck.

    Bible Prophecy in the Middle East

    The Bible is of a middle eastern origin.  All settings and historical events mentioned in the scriptures take place in Israel and the surrounding geographical region.  Most Bible scholars point to a European bases for the coming end time scenario.  In the write-up “Bible Prophecy in the Middle East” Joel Richardson discusses the Biblical bases for an Islamic Antichrist and an Islamic Gog/Magog War.

    The United States in Bible Prophecy

    For many years modern Bible Eschatology teachers have said that there is no reference to the United States in the end time prophecy.  The article “The United States in Bible Prophecy” lays out scriptures pointing to a place “Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia” referring to end time nation outside those normally discussed in prophecy.  This article is a compilation of teachings by Chuck Anderson from Discovery News.

  • Biblical Creation

    Biological Evidence Sheet

    The “Biological Evidence Sheet” is a collection of information on physical processes that govern how living things work. This sheet shows how vastly complex living systems are and how impossible it is for naturalistic processes to evolve life from lower to higher forms of living beings and discusses the origin of life from nonliving chemicals.  

    Geological Evidence Sheet

    Geology is used by secularists to promote long ages of earth history.  They claim the earth has in some form been in existence for over four billion years.  The “Geological Evidence Sheet” gives scientific reasons for a much shorter time frame for earth’s history.

    Mystery of the Origin of Life

    Dr. James Tour presents a scientific discussion on the challenges to naturalistic origin of life investigations.  Covering Origin of life research, protein synthesis, and cell membrane.  The “Mystery of the Origin of Life” article presents notes from the talk and the location on the web where the talk can be watched.

    Noah’s Ark

    The world has mocked at the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark and the great worldwide flood.  But the Bible clearly teaches about the ark and the flood.  Many have looked for the Ark on Mount Ararat, but the Bible says the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat not necessarily the mountain itself.  This short paper shows the discovery of the Ark by Ron Wyatt.

  • Other Articles

    Useful Websites

    The “Useful Websites” paper is a list of places on the internet that contain information on the Bible, Biblical Creation and Bible Prophecy that can be an encouragement and help in our Christian walk.